Erasmus + is a programme promoted by the European Commission in the field of education, training, youth and sport. The project “My smart school” is one of the many ideas financed by the different National agencies, all led by the European Commission, and involves five different countries: Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Italy

Its origin meets two important needs: on one hand it aims to strengthen the motivation of the students with an improvement of their school results, on the other hand it promotes the intercultural dialogue among people coming from different countries and with different ethical and religious backgrounds.

Our school, Istituto omnicomprensivo Nicola Scarano, has the important role to coordinate the whole project, whose main aims are to support and promote communication, to improve cross-curricular skills and to get to know different cultures, in order to create a strong connection among European citizens.

Along such a fantastic adventure, students aged 13-16, selected by their own schools, will improve their knowledge of ICT tools and their practical skills in creating digital projects and online Maths quizzes.

In the meanwhile, even teachers will have the opportunity of sharing teaching methods, different points of views and tools in the field of education.

The planned activities for the school years 2017-2019 include at the beginning of the project a teachers kick-off meeting, called TM!, that has already taken place in our school in Trivento from the 12th to 16th December 2017.

At the end of the project a final planned meeting among teachers, TM2, will be held in Turkey in May 2019.

As for students, the selected ones will take part in four mobilities. The first one involves five selected students from Applied Science High School, who will meet their partners, working on the topic “customs and traditions” with digital tools, in Macedonia in March 2018 .

The second meeting will be in Poland in May 2018, when other five selected students from our high school will use online tools to create Maths quizzes and have a lot of fun.

For the school-years 2018-19 there will be a mobility in Portugal in October and the involved students will create book-trailers on religious subjects.

The last one will be in Italy in March 2019 when our school will host students from the partner countries and will use digital instruments to create religious artworks.


Francesco Fossaceca, Davide Perrella, Fausta Iocca