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  • The Erasmus+ project “Technology and ICT in education” in the “Applied Sciences High School Nicola Scarano” of Trivento

The Erasmus+ project “Technology and ICT in education” in the “Applied Sciences High School Nicola Scarano” of Trivento

Our high school has been selected  to take part in a famous Erasmus+ project : “Technology and ICT in Education”,  that will let many students combine education with technology.  Just like every project Erasmus+, it will last for twenty-four months and it will let students and teachers move to many countries of UE.

This project was created to satisfy the main needs highlighted by the school: increasing the motivation of the students and  their schools’ marks and promoting the dialogue between people from different countries.

Profiting of this marvellous experience, students will feel more motivated thanks to the use of technology while studying and as a result, their school marks will increase. This project wants pupils to understand and learn the different way of thinking and values of the member states.

Among the aims of this project, the main one is to develop students learning process and transversal skills such as numeracy, computer literacy, a critical, divergent and creative thought, social skills and autonomy.

Furthermore, this project wants to promote a deeper intercultural understanding and acceptance and to develop communicational and expressive abilities in English.

Basically, the Erasmus + project allows small groups of students, accompanied by teachers, to move to partners’ countries for short periods.

The mobility of this project provides that:

  • From the 4th to the 10th of February 2018 five of our students belonging to the 4th A class will visit the Music Institute of Komotini located in Greece, in order to learn how to use didactic softwares and create funny lessons about cultures and traditions.
  •  From the 15th to 22nd of April 2018 our school will have the pleasure to welcome Swedish, Turkish and Greece students and teachers.


During this cultural exchange we will work on the usage of online tools in order to make quizzes for improving maths abilities.

The mobility and the activities of this project will continue during the all school year 2018/2019.

Sixty eight students will join this project and they will be selected among all the pupils of the four partner schools. They will be students deriving from several ethnic, cultural and religious background, and who come from both cities and suburbs.

Students will improve their knowledge of didactic ICT tools. They are going to manage with learning apps and they will develop practical abilities making their own lessons, trailers, digital projects, online quizzes and digital art works.

This project aims at getting students nearer to new experiences and cultures, at developing adjustment skills, self awareness and  understanding of cultural differences, which make Europe an unified and vibrant country.    

It will be a great opportunity also for the teachers who will share opinions, activities and didactic methods and techniques; they will improve their  English and their digital skills.

In conclusion, the participant school will take part in an overwhelming  experience and for sure it will be a model for all the schools of our region and area.


Article written by 2nd grade class from The Applied Science High School of Trivento