Our Cambridge IGCSEs exam experience

We the students of Liceo Vico Naples, classes 2A and 2C did our first Cambridge IGCSE  ESL exam two weeks ago. The exam was divided into three parts: the speaking part which  we did in March and the reading, writing and listening parts, which  we did in May 2018.

How we felt before the exam                                                   

Since, we were the very first set of students doing this exam in this school; there was a lot of pressure from both parents and teachers. We were really scared even though we studied a lot and knew what to expect for our exams. Like any student preparing for an exam, there’s this apprehension of failing and what kept us going was the encouragement from our parents, teachers and us cheering ourselves!

How we felt after the exam                                                               

As soon as we finished the exams, we were relieved and satisfied, and it dawned on us that we shouldn’t have been stressed at all, since it was just like a class activity and everyone us did our best.  We will know our results in August, and hopefully we are expecting to having good grades.

Now we have to prepare for the Biology and Maths exams, that will take place at the end of October 2018 and we are ready to challenge ourselves again.

What we have learnt                                                                     

This experience has taught us how to deal with anxiety, pressure and how to behave during an exam. We have also learned that if you work hard you’ll succeed.

In conclusion, this experience has made us to grow, and teaches us how to face and tackle different challenges that we’re going through in our lives.


Le alunne della 2C del Liceo classico Cambridge G.B. Vico Napoli

Vanacore Maria Elisabetta

Aversano Benedetta

Imperatore Alessandra

Valenzano Flavia

Milo Alice