Even though we don’t notice it, music represents a big part of our lives . Music is everywhere at everytime and it can be everything . For example our heartbeats, the wind blowing, the clock ticking. All these sounds are our everyday music and we couldn’t live without them.

We can listen to music in different moments, for example during a trip by car, or simply when we have some free time. I listen to music even when I study because it helps me to concentrate. But music isn’t only a hobby, most of the times it is an attitude and singers become examples to follow.

Sadly ,a lot of teenagers like and admire negative models like Sfera Ebbasta, a trap singer that I personally hate : I can’t judge but I think he isn’t a good example for teenagers. I feel like music belongs to me, because I play the piano and I really love creating music with my own hands. Playing an instrument is useful for many reasons : first of all it makes you smarter , but, let’s make this clear : you can’t play an instrument if you don’t have a passion for it.

In my opinion music is important for everyone and it can be really helpful, especially for teenagers who are often misunderstood by their parents. They can find their only support in music. Music has the wonderful power to tell stories and communicate emotions, so everyone can find himself in a song. I think this is the reason why everybody like a different kind of music : it makes us think of our lives and we have all different memories, so it makes us fell so wonderful and special.

Patanè E