Nowadays, skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. Many people enjoy skiing because it is challenging and it gives them a sense of excitement and freedom.

The class 3BLSSA, of Luigi Galvani Institute of Milan, was so excited when they heard about the exciting adventurous ski journey in the upcoming winter. Some of the students had never been to a ski mountain nor had they ever seen any before. It was the first ski lesson experience of some of them.

On the day of the trip, the students who joined to it gathered at the school at six in the morning. Their destination was mount Chiesa Valmalenco and they could arrive there within three hours. Once they got there, they had their meals and used chairlifts to get on to the top of the mountain. The instructor Chiara was with them to teach them how to put on their skies and how to use their poles. Their next lesson was the way of balancing and moving body inorder to get rid of injuries. Some students were a little nervous before and finally they seemed having so much fun with their first experience of skiing.

As the instructor had advised, all the students gathered to one place after skiing and they found 2 of them missing. Sooner they managed to inform it to one of their well experienced teacher and she alone went back on to the mountain top searching for them and could find them out lost in the way because of the darkness. It also made an unforgettable memory of their journey. Having so much fun and gathering lots of experiences, they managed to get back their homes safely.


Dahami Kumarapeli 3BLSSA