LTTA4 in Sweden. A fantastic experience

From the 7th to the 13th of April five students of grade 10 from the Applied Science High School of IOT “N. Scarano” Italy and two teachers, took part in the Erasmus+ project “Technology and ICT  in Education” in Sweden, in the city of Goteborg. The partners of the project were: Greece, Turkey, Italy and Sweden, the coordinator of the project. The topic centred on Religious Studies and the title was “Unity in diversity”. The Swedish host school’s name is Jattestensskolan and it is very big because it consists of many buildings. It has students from kindergarten to junior high school. Lessons start early in the morning and they finish in the early afternoon. Students have different courses like sewing, needlework, bakery, carpentry, art and science; they have laboratory activities and sport activities too. They have lunch at school in the canteen that they call ‘bamba’ and they have different breaks along their school-day that they call ‘fika’. The host families were very friendly and warm. Before the meeting, we chatted with our hosts and when we were in Sweden we felt at home. When we arrived in Goteborg we met some of the Swedish guys like Alec, Moa, Ajsa and Cornelia we had met in the mobility in Italy and a lot of new friends from all countries involved in the project. From Monday till Friday we had lessons at school from 8.30 a.m. to  3.00 p.m. When we were at the Swedish school, during the activities, we used some different apps like Pinta, Ribbet, Google maps and Adobe Spark to edit photos, find places and make posters.  On the first day, every partner showed presentations about its own nation and religion. We presented the other partners works on Animoto and Google Slides about the most beautiful churches of Italy and the main points and festivals about Catholic religion, then we had a tour of the city with our friends and without the teachers. On Tuesday afternoon  we visited the Synagogue and then we had Felix’s birthday party. We spent all Wednesday in Stockholm where we took a little tour of the city, we visited the most important building like the Parliament and we saw an art exhibition of chariots. On Thursday we visited a Mosque and in the evening we went to Ingmar’s house. On Friday morning we got the Certificates of Attendance and we filled the evaluation forms. In the afternoon we had the farewell party at school. We ate a lot of Swedish typical food, we sang, played musical instruments and danced together, so we had a lot of fun.

It was a beautiful experience because our partners’ hospitality was fantastic and Goteborg is a very quiet and nice city. We hope we will go back there one day and meet our friends again!!!!

Written by  Arianna, Maria, Francesca, Armando and Giovanni