Social Media

How many times do we hear that we guys can’t understand how much is given to us because we live on social media? How many times do we hear that we don’t value everything we have? How many times are we told that we no longer have a life because of the Internet?

Surely it is true that our lives have changed because of social media, but if they are used well they make sense too.

It is not true that we live only on social media, it is not true that we can no longer give a value to things, it is not true that we do not appreciate what we have. Many times we hear that social media has ruined us, maybe in part it’s true but on the other hand social media, especially in this very difficult period, are helping us to grow. If it wasn’t for social media, how would we overcome this dark time of our lives? 

Social media has changed the way we live and also the way we relate to others. However, even social media have advantages, for example thanks to social media we can keep a friendship alive, or in any case we can maintain relationships with people who are not around the corner. Through social media we can share information, adventures and we can find new people. Social media has certainly influenced our lives a lot, but they also have negative sides. Surely many guys suffer from addiction to social media, guys who without social media are in difficulty, or simply guys who spend days on social media. Many times we find ourselves on social media to vent and other times we hide both who we are and how we are. This is a downside because it is as if we were wearing a mask not to show ourselves weak or anyway we try to hide many things, obviously a person can seriously hide how he is but we should understand that social media can help us to distract or fill a hole that has remained inside us. 

Many times social media also help us to get to know new people and to open up and then jump into the real world and get out of the world of the internet. 

One of the advantages of social media is their ability to amplify the ability of us young people to share, compare and get involved. They allow us to focus on things that are important, and sometimes they can help us overcome our insecurities, while other times they just increase them. There’s more and more evidence for the pros and cons of social media use. A study by Flinders University in Australia found that there is a correlation between the amount of time a teenager spends online and dissatisfaction with their physical image and low self-esteem.


Sophia Giulia Motalli 3AL