The importance of photography

Human beings have always immortalized special moments that were important for them. First by engraving the stone, then drawing on paper and finally taking photographs. This evolution has been the result of this continuous desire to seize the moment that has characterized the whole of humanity. 

Photography has been an incredible invention which has allowed us to reproduce an image as we see it in reality and fix it permanently. However photography is not just a picture, but it is a mix of things: art, feelings, communication, memories. 

With photos we are able to tell stories which people from all over the world can understand, because no words are needed. In fact photography is a universal language that manages to share tales and events, going beyond the linguistic differences and having global communication as its goal.

Pictures are also a way of expression. Since we all have a different point of view to watch the world around us, the photos are different based on who takes them and therefore they describe the photographer’s personality and the emotions that he feels. The same reasoning can be done for those who see the pictures. That’s the reason why the same photo can convey different emotions to different people. 

Another characteristic of photos is the fact that they can be considered a real time machine. Pictures make you remember past memories. They bring you back to the moment that they were taken and make you feel the same emotions that you felt at that time. 

Photography allows us to catch special moments and particular expressions during our lives. They become witnesses of what we were in the past and what we are now, underlining the changes that have taken space throughout the years. 

Thanks to photography we can also see the beauty in the world. Our planet is full of details that we don’t appreciate enough because we don’t even notice them, but taking photographs we start to enjoy the little things and understand their meaning. Photography teaches us that everything that surrounds us is beautiful and even what we think is useless can hide something wonderful.


Virginia Masneri 3BL