Christmas’ holidays during Covid-19

We are all wandered how we would go through this 2020 holydays, given the considerable health problem of this year, and here we are. In this year we suddenly have to spend our Christmas’ holydays in a different and unusual way due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has radically changed our way of life. As we all know this virus is very contagious and therefor contact with people must be minimized, also and above all during the holidays. This means that all the Christmas’ lunches and dinners and the New Year’s parties with family and friends can’t be done, which is really sad since they are some of the most significant moments of the year, where all the families get together for spend some quality time and for celebrate with cheerfulness. Another limitation is about winter sports, in fact ski slopes and ice rinks are closed for those who don’t practice them at a competitive level and obviously also for tourists, which cause a great economic decrease especially in mountain places; however individual sports remain practicable for example the outdoor activities as trekking, snowshoeing and going with the bobsleigh. In conclusion we have to stay home to prevent not only us but also other people, family members and friends, and this whole situation cause for sure a lot of sadness between people, from child who don’t live fully the Christmas’ magic and teenagers who can’t party, to adults and especially the elderly who can’t see their relatives, but for the common good we must endure these sacrifices, hoping for a better new year.

Letizia Pellegrini 3AL