Reasons to love the cosiest season of the year

Autumn is often considered a transitory period of the year. Nothing more. For many people it’s just the darkest season that rob them of the warmth of the summer and gradually obscures their world and their souls until winter. Let’s be honest, autumn does have things you can call disadvantages, but its pros are a lot more than what we usually imagine.

First of all, in September we’re usually unhappy because of back to school: in Italy we tend to believe that school doesn’t do anything more than generating stress, nervousness and anxiety; yet, are we really sure there’s nothing positive about going back? For instance, returning means meeting our mates again, going shopping for stationery and having a lot of good intentions for the new term. And that’s exactly how our mood should be during early autumn: the desire of a maniacal organisation, a nonstop dedication and the freshness of a new start.

While slowly entering October, then, nature gives the best expression of itself: leaves gradually turning into warm toned colours and falling off the branches, birds still bravely chirping and the golden sunlight gently penetrating the treetops to warm the undergrowth. Autumn is also the best season to pick mushrooms, nuts and chestnuts during meditative walks in the woods. Finally, there’s Halloween! A creepy atmosphere of cobwebs, bats, Jack-o’-Lanterns and evil monsters progressively surrounds us as we carve a bright orange pumpkin and enjoy a horror film during the scariest night of the year.

After Halloween, November is – I agree – one of the most sad and dark months, but here are a few solutions for us to spend time during this period, comfortably at home. First of all, with excellent ingredients like pumpkin, chestnuts and persimmons, baking is the easiest, most relaxing and fun activity to do, as well as an occasion to light up the oven and warm up the house. Secondly, especially when rain hits, a warm light, a soft blanket and a good book call us, while raindrops beat aggressively on the window. Finally, we mustn’t forget the impending Christmas, that brings an extreme sense of hominess, unity and love.

Therefore, despite all of its disadvantages, autumn is in fact charming. The season of wonderful aesthetic photos, scented candles, pumpkin-spiced lattes and smooth jazz music should be for all of us a period to enjoy and love, instead of hate. So, welcome to the cosiest season of the year!

Giovanni Lia 3AL